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Voiles et Voiliers

iOS and Android App Presentation Video - 2018

The evolution of digital technologies and its associated consumer usage dictates the necessity to adopt new tools required for an effective digital transition. This affects in part the printed media sector. By embracing this problem, “Voiles et Voiliers”, the Ouest France Group magazine, has published an app that enables its readers to access both its past and future periodicals, with the advantage of ergonomic navigational tools and augmented digital content such as video.

The magazine needed a video that could quickly illustrate to its users the ease of operation of this application, its user friendly systems and intrinsic interactive content.

After making a thorough in-depth study of the app and the magazines, we submitted an audio-visual script to their communications manager, who would then validate our ideas allowing us to move the project along to the next production stage.

In order to introduce the transition between the paper format and the new digital format we devised and staged a film set to take true-to-life shots of the print format magazines which we could later morph into the digital images used in the app.

We took numerous screenshots and screen-recordings of the app interface, that we then integrated into our 3D environment, in this case a digital tablet. Afterwards, we animated the different screenshots with the intent of guiding the viewer's eye to offer a clear understanding of the functionalities of the app. Textual 2D motion design elements were added to give better understanding and accentuate important information, resulting in a video that can be comprehended easily even without narration of the information by a voice actor, which is something that Voiles et Voiliers gave us instructions to avoid.

The video served to highlight, in a short and efficient format, all the features and diversity of content available in the app, and was published on social media and is shown regularly on monitors at trade shows specialising in sailing.

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