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Lys - Last Night

Clip musical - 2017

For their 5th music video, the rock band Lys left us carte blanche. For this project we proposed a captivating graphic concept, that also allowed us a lot of freedom from traditional filming constraints, giving us complete control on the post-production process.

Inspired by the well known credits sequence of the ”True Detective” series, we decided to implement the double exposure technique.

Image depicting cine stuff. Still frame 3:26, Last Night

This choice guaranteed us great creative freedom, and the advantages of a minimalistic film set, populated only by a green screen and the appropriate lighting. To evoke the powerful emotions of a fall-out and subsequent break-up of a relationship, we engaged two actors to embody the characters of “Last Night”.

Once the concept was defined, the shotlist ready, and the casting realised, we could begin shooting in the studio with our actors. It took just a single day of intense filming to secure all the shots that we would later compose and merge with royalty-free found-footage to complete the music video.

Post-production was by far the most technical stage of the project, because it involved precision chroma-keying ,extraction of the green screen background, in order to crisply divide the silhouettes of our actors. Next came the compositing process of combining filmed shots and found footage, which we concentrated on rendering in both a rich and varied manner to emphasise the impact of the double exposure technique. We specifically played on the arrangement of silhouettes, their movement and repetitions, choice of fusion methods and chromatic treatment.

Image depicting cine stuff. Still frame 3:41, Last Night

Our client asked us to render the project following the video specifications accorded to television broadcasts, because the music video would later be shown on MTV France and D17, along with another render intended for YouTube and online streaming services.

This project was very enjoyable to work on thanks to the trust the band invested in us, therefore allowing the freedom to best use our creative abilities, whilst nevertheless staying in close communication throughout these creative processes.

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