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Promotional video - 2018

When Euromark approached us, the Breton agricultural machinery design company did not have a commercial video to demonstrate its activities. Robustness, innovation, and masters of their field of expertise, were their key qualities that we needed to translate into images.

In coordination with the company's communications manager, we familiarised ourselves with the production workshops on the premises to devise an initial overview.

Image depicting cine stuff. Still frame 0:28, Euromark

In these workshops we noticed how the movements of the machines and workers created their own kind of choreography.

Feeling the dynamic energy of the workstations and the quality of execution demonstrated by the workers, we knew that in order to capture and portray the birth of these machines true to the experience of watching it in real life, then we needed to place our camera as close to the action as possible and get right into the heart of each stage of fabrication.

By mounting the camera on our DJI Ronin stabilizer, we were able to achieve maximum mobility and capture shots freely and efficiently between the various modeling and assembly areas within the workshops and also in the design offices. By alternating close-ups and wide shots, we succeeded in achieving the aesthetic look we were aiming for in depicting the fine precision work and large scale production that takes place within Euromark’s facilities. We enjoyed talking with the employees, and their co-operative participation went a long way to help us produce this video.

Image depicting cine stuff. Still frame 1:15, Euromark

We based our editing decisions on the concept of re-tracing the entire production chain, supporting the filmed images with a modern and dynamic musical composition. Simple and smart 2D motion design elements complete the look, while highlighting the most important aspects of the company’s activities.

The video is displayed by Euromark at trade shows, and for communications purposes on the web. It offers a behind-the-scenes insight into the functioning of the workshops and effectively demonstrates the company’s professionalism.

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