FRFrançais, peut-être ?


Science-fiction short film

The third edition of the NASA CineSpace festival gave us the opportunity to exercise our imagination and dive into the abundant video footage archives of space research conducted by this giant of space exploration. By watching all the video material at our disposal and stimulating our creativity, we set our sights upon revisiting the figure of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's “Little Prince”, the sweet melancholy provoked by astral contemplation, and the call to travel that it can arouse in each of us.

We wanted to preserve the innocence and the poetry of the Little Prince.

This short film pays homage to the work of the French explorer and his character of eternal childhood, the Little Prince. Our film proposes an older version of the character, taken further into the future. We wanted to preserve the innocence and the poetry of the Little Prince by the way he looks at his environment and the fascination with which he still regards the sunsets.

In order to engage the attention of the viewer with the story, we endeavored to incorporate certain details in the house, with drawings, and various little charm-objects, using the environment to paint a picture reflecting his character. We chose to focus on tight shots, with a shallow depth of field, to create an impression of proximity with the space while bestowing a mysterious feeling upon it, as well as on our actor. Both, the Little Prince, and the film set, are revealed to us slowly and methodically, thanks to a constant progression in the scale of each selected frame. The rhythm of the cut between shots is tied in perfectly with the custom musical piece composed by MAREC, greatly heightenting the dramatic reveal and emotional crescendo.

In collaboration with ”La Poule Noire” studio, we at Heliograd Productions were in particular responsible for artistic direction, photography and all aspects related to post-production. Namely, 3D modeling of the asteroid and cabin, compositing, and colour-grading.

This kind of project is an opportunity for us to take on new challenges, to progress, to make beautiful encounters and, above all, to flourish in the creation of imaginative worlds and original stories.

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