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Music Video Creation

Conception and creation of the band Lys's 5th music video, for television and web broadcasting. Shot with two actors on a greenscreen backdrop, the music video takes advantage of the double-exposure technique.

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Company Promotional Video

Conception and creation of a promotional video retracing Euromark's agricultural machinery production line, intended for presentation during tradeshows and on the Web.

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iOS and Android App Presentation Video

Conception et creation of a presentation video for a smartphone and tablet app for Voiles et Voiliers magazine, mixing screen captures, 2D & 3D motion design, and live action footage, for social media and tradeshows.

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Science-fiction short film

Short film created for the NASA CineSpace festival in collaboration with La Poule Noir studio. Cinematography, VFX, 3D animation, and compositing.

In this era of modern video, it is essential to get the most out of your images, and push thier limits to infinity and beyond. With a large pool of artistic material and knowledge to work from, we aim to create stimulating concepts in original environments.

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Hi, we are a creative studio based in Rennes, France.

Videography, Art, and Graphic Design are our things. Everything we create is made with great attention to detail. By balancing our technical knowledge with our extensive imaginations, we can bring an artistic and innovative touch to your next project!

Our goal is to always produce great work, and to have fun doing it.

Haydn Edginton-King Artistic & Technical Director

Haydn spent a total of 7 years at University studying all things "arty". With a focus on technology in art, cinematography, and special effects. He achieved a BA and two MAs during this time.

Having the perfect mix of technical know-how and artistic sensibility, he can make the wildest of ideas become reality.

Tiphaine Darras Writer & Designer

Tiphaine earned a degree in literature, then moved on to 5 years of cinematography studies focusing on both the theoretical and practical aspects.

Addicted to aesthetic imagery, and passionate about creating scenes with meaning, he puts his imagination and creativity to great use at Heliograd Productions.